Arlene, Liam, Grace & Sam
My children have been attending classes at Grandmaster Dong’s Martial Arts in Morehead City since March 2013. All three of my younger children (Sam, Liam and Grace) are quiet children and I felt they needed a practice to bring them out of their shells and to increase their self confidence. The change in the three of them has been incredible. Although they are still quiet, their self-confidence has increased dramatically. They were members of the Demonstration Team in 2014 and 2015 and each participated in the Tournament in Richmond. Master Henry and Mrs. Shannon are sensitive to their fears and never fail to provide encouragement, guidance, or tough love when necessary.

- Arlene B. (Mother) - Havelock, NC

I was looking for a motivational activity to help my youngest daughter gain some self-confidence in hopes of getting her out of her shell and to help her focus on her school work.
Master Henry and Ms. Shannon welcomed us in warmly and were quick to make us feel comfortable with our lessons.
They are incredibly approachable and have an unending well of patience. There is a genuine desire to see each of their students not only to meet those goals, but to exceed them. It isn’t just about meeting the minimum standards, its about putting forth your maximum efforts to achieve your maximum results.

- Wes Deters - New Bern, NC


My granddaughter attends Dongs Martial Arts school in MHC under Master Phillip Henry and Shannon Henry. They are wonderful instructors and hold the kids accountable for their actions. They teach them self discipline though some are harder to break than others. They are patient with the kids. They do more than teach them they truly mentor them in all aspects of the kids lives and reward good behavior and puts a strong emphasis on school and succeeding in their lives. They go above and beyond for the kids. I would recommend their martial arts school for your children.

- Janice K. (Grandmother) - Newport, NC


Since the kids started taking Tae Kwon Do at Grandmaster Dong's, we have noticed an increase in their confidence level and it has enabled them to reinforce their self-discipline. It has also allowed them to practice and hold each other accountable as a team, which has brought them closer as siblings.

- Liz Y. (Mother) - Beaufort, NC


Aiden has always been a well-behaved child, but his behavior and manners have improved even more since he started taking Tae Kwon Do at Grandmaster Dong's.  He does well at school and the martial arts help reinforce our rules.  Even at just five years old, he wanted to set an example for other kids.  he's been learning leadership skills that are helping him become a role model for his peers.

- Jill & Jerry S. (Parents)
  Newport, NC


Kasey can't wait to get to Tae Kwon Do.  She's so enthusiastic about the school and about the instructors, Phillip and Shannon.  The biggest thing I've noticed is how much more responsible she is with school attendance.  She doesn't want to miss a day, even when she might be tempted to 'play hooky.'  It's given her more self-discipline and motivation.

- Lori O, RN (Mother)
  Newport, NC


I was driving home and stopped to talk with Master Henry and inquire about the martial arts. I am so glad I did. I am 59 years old and in one year have achieved a Green Belt thanks to Master Henry and his wife. They are two great instructors and I learned so much from them. One day my dream is to achieve a black belt and meet the Grand Master Seung G. Dong. I never dreamed a man my age could accomplish what I have done, and I now feel more confident in my ability to defend myself, thanks to Master Henry. I am so thankful for that day that I stopped school and met Master Henry. He has changed my life.

- Antonio M. - Newport, NC


To Parents in Morehead City & Surrounding Areas:
I would like to tell you about a great place for your children. My daughter Natalie attends Grandmaster Dong's Martial Arts. Phillip and Shannon Henry are the owners/instructors of Tae Kwon Do and have taught my daughter wonderful values and skills that are important at 8 years old, all the way to 98. In about one year's time, she has progressed in four belt levels because of the Henry's gentle and firm instruction. Respect, discipline and confidence are all things every parent wants their child to have and these are things that Grandmaster Dong's instills.

Joan L. (Mother) - Morehead City, NC

Jacob has shown tremendous growth in self confidence and respect since he started at Grandmaster Dong's.  It's a great family atmosphere and the school values they teach compliment the rules we follow at home.

- Erika S. (Mother) - Morehead City, NC


We've seen our grand-daughter Austin's confidence skyrocket since we enrolled her at Grandmaster Dong's.  She's started to come out of her shell and become more outgoing, welcoming other students to class.  We think it's just wonderful how much this has helped her.  Even her great-grandparents have noticed a big difference.

- Della P. (Grandmother)         2010 - Newport, NC

THANK YOU BOTH Phillip & Shannon.  You two are a FANTASTIC TEAM.  You both have been a BLESSING to Austin & our family.  She has been at your school over two years now and WOW!  This has been one of the BEST decisions we have made for her!  Very PROUD of her & how far she has come.

- Della P. (Grandmother)  -  January 2013 - Newport, NC


RYAN W. - AGE 15
About 3 years ago, I received a phone call from a nice man named Phillip Henry, and he needed some electrical work done.  When I returned his call, the message was advertising Grandmaster Dong's School.  Phillip explained in great detail what the school was about.  My son Ryan was very quiet and shy at the time and I wasn't sure if he would be interested in the school.  I explained Ryan's personality to Phillip and he assured me that I would see big changes if Ryan would try a class.

On day one, Ryan stood at the back of the class with his arms folded.  As the class continued, Ryan's arms began to fall and he began to get interested.  At the end of the class he was talking to Phillip and was interested in returning.  He began taking classes 3 nights per week and was having a blast.  All of the things Phillip told me were coming true right before my eyes.  Ryan has also helped teach the TaeGrr Cubs™ class when he can.  Ryan is truly growing up to be a fine young man and a great part of that is due to the efforts of Master Henry and Shannon.

- Bill W. (Father)  -  Morehead City, NC


SEAN W. - AGE 15
Besides the obvious benefits of keeping Sean physically fit, Tae Kwon Do has improved his confidence.  He truly loves the classes and we are excited to see him do something that he enjoys so much.

- William W. (Father)
  Newport, NC


Dear Sabumnim,
Thank you for taking the time to help me feel comfortable in starting Tae Kwon Do at fifty years old.  I felt that it would be a chance for my five-year-old son Evan and myself to have father-son time, which has turned out to be so much more.  We have had a great time taking class together, but the changes I have seen in Evan are priceless.

Evan is growing more confident and is excited every class to go to our school.  For myself, I had to recently take a physical for work and since September when we started, I have lost 9 pounds, my cholesterol has gone down from 360 to 264, and I am off my blood pressure medicine.  I look forward to the New Year and the changes that will occur for my family and our school."

Thanks again,
- Tim J, RN (Father)  -  Atlantic Beach, NC


Evan has become so much more self-confident and his self-esteem has improved so much since he started taking classes at Grandmaster Dong's.  It has helped him become closer to his Dad, since this is something the two of them do together.  Evan also isn't as timid as he used to be.  He'll even order his own food at restaurants now.

- Suzanne J. (Mother)
Atlantic Beach, NC


Since Conrad's enrollment at Grandmaster Dong's, I have seen an increase in his discipline and motivation that flows over into his academics. It's also nice that he has made new friends who share the same goals and values as him.

- Wendy R. (Mother)
  Newport, NC

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