We offer more than 30 day and evening classes each week for children, homeschoolers, teens and adults. Private classes, seminars, and special events are also available by appointment.  The best way to get started is with our special trial offer.

Kids - Morehead City Martial Arts

Kids Classes:  Our children's program is a point of great pride for us.  Our TaeGrr Cubs for the young kids or our Children’s Program teaches self-discipline, respect for others - especially parents - and encourages academic achievement.  They will also benefit from increase flexibility, agility, speed, focus, balance and more.  Begin your trial.

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Family Classes: Our special family classes are one of the few activities that adults and children can participate together in reaching their goals.  Parents will get all the benefits they would expect from an adult class while your children experience all the benefits of our Childrens Classes. Begin your trial.

Adult Classes: Teens and adults will learn traditional Korean martial arts as Grandmaster Dong did growing up as a child in Korea.  You will fiind our teen/adult classes are fun, motivating and educational. You will experience increased flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, weight control, and learn to control stress. Our experienced instructors will be there to guide and challenge you through your journey.  Begin your trial.

TaeGrr Cubs  (AGES 4-6)

This thirty-minute class is filled with fun martial arts drills and games that teach younger children coordination, balance, respect and cooperation.  Students' attention spans and body coordination will be developed through their increased ability to concentrate.  This program is perfect for those who have considered enrolling their younger child in the martial arts.  TaeGrr Cubs are prepared to enter our regular program with confidence and a special head start.  There won't be any child left to sit on the sidelines.

For more information click here or enroll your child today!  252-222-0444.

"Where Do I Begin?"

Advice for Beginners

Haven't made up your mind yet? Call or stop by for a free intro lesson. This can be a private class or you can bring a friend along.

First class? It is normal to feel a little nervous... not really knowing what to expect.  This is normal, but you will soon realize that you have become part of a larger family. Remember, we all had our 1st class before too.

First few months? Most people who begin martial arts training are eager to learn.  They learn the movements of something new and then quickly look for the next, all the while never understanding the meaning.  While eagerness is part of a great attitude, our advice would be to slow down and enjoy the experience.  It's one thing to know a hundred techniques, but to master them is the adventure.  What may seem basic now, may be the foundation of something even bigger later.

Learning New Tricks (Classes for Fitness and Self-Defense)

Master Henry utilizes auditory, visual, and active learning styles in class to ensure the students fully understand the material.  Notebooks are highly recommended just as one may have for school.  Apart from the normal curriculum, students will analyze, in depth, special techniques and theories that have been passed down from Grandmaster Dong's instructor in Korea.  This information is not included in our student manuals.  The more classes you take, the more you learn.

Student manuals are available just like one may have a textbook for school.  This manual, written by Grandmaster Dong, outlines the basic requirements from beginner to black belt.  This information has been proven useful when practicing at home.  A video series is also available.

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